About me

Heya, I'm Robin, also known as PhantomSam or Eclectronic, nice to meet ya :D I'm a multi-genre producer, and I like to get my feet wet in everything. I've written sheet music, played acoustic guitar, rapped, and now I tend to write EDM, and all of the subgenres that are a part of that label. I've always had a fascination with expanding my tastes musically, and I believe that there's something good you can find about any song if you go looking.

I've been around music my entire life, and have been writing on and off for about five years, with 2020 being the year I really start to dive headfirst into writing. Planning to make a name for myself, I write in as many genres as I like without constrain. While this might be detrimental in the beginning, not giving me a concrete sound for people to latch onto, my diversity of sounds will (hopefully) give a little bit of something for everyone :p

I heard a quote recently saying something along the lines of, "is your music art, or is it content?" and given time to think on it, I'd say mine is art. I don't make it to be widely appreciated and commended, but as a means of expression. If you end up enjoying the things that I make, that's great, but for me, it'll always be about writing what I need to let out.